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Chiropractor Escondido CA Hoon Lim


Dr. Hoon Lim, D.C.

Dr. Hoon Lim, DC, BCN, PhD is a doctor of chiropractic with over 38 years of experience. He has served over 10,000 patients and is board certified in neuropathy. Dr. Lim is passionately committed to transforming the lives of individuals with chronic health conditions, especially when conventional medicine offers only limited options or focuses solely on acute pain management.

With a dedication to uncovering and addressing the root causes of health issues, Dr. Lim provides patients with comprehensive and personalized plans designed to reverse chronic conditions and restore health and vitality.

At the helm of our transformative approach is Dr. Hoon Lim, DC, BCN, a distinguished Doctor of Chiropractic, board-certified in Neuropathy, and a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with chronic health issues.
Dr. Lim embarked on his career in healthcare after graduating in 1984 from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. With a career spanning over 38 years, he has dedicated his life to the well-being of his patients, having served well over 10,000 individuals seeking relief, recovery, and optimal health. His expertise is not just confined to chiropractic care; Dr. Lim is also board-certified in neuropathy, postgraduate studies in functional medicine, and has extensive experience guiding patients through personal injury which showcases his commitment to a holistic and integrated approach to health.

Synergy Integrated Health, under Dr. Lim's guidance, specializes in addressing complex chronic health problems. Whether it's peripheral neuropathy, type 2 diabetes, degenerative knee conditions, spinal degeneration, or preventing spinal surgery, Dr. Lim and his team are dedicated to providing care that transcends traditional medical care, aiming for solutions that address the underlying root causes of pain or disease.

Beyond his clinical achievements, Dr. Lim is an avid practitioner of Aikido, a martial art that emphasizes harmony and the resolution of conflict, principles that also guide his approach to healthcare. His journey to chiropractic care is deeply personal. After immigrating from South Korea at the age of 20, a severe neck injury led him away from a path in medicine to a transformative encounter with chiropractic care, thanks to a relative who was also a chiropractor. This experience not only healed him but reshaped his future, propelling him to change his career path into the field of chiropractic.

Dr. Lim's academic accolades include a PhD in Life Coaching, further enhancing his ability to empower and motivate his patients towards sustainable health changes. A Proud father of four and grandfather to eleven, Dr. Lim's family values and personal experiences enrich his compassionate approach to patient care.

Join us at Synergy Integrated Health and experience the dedicated, patient-centered care that Dr. Hoon Lim, DC, BCN and his team offers.

Chiropractor Escondido CA Mike Lim Clinic Director

Clinic Director

Dr. Mike Lim, D.C., C.F.M.P.

Dr. Michael Lim is a dedicated functional medicine practitioner with a decade of experience in addressing chronic health conditions, specializing in the management and reversal of Type 2 diabetes. As the Clinic Director at Synergy Integrated Health in Escondido, California, Dr. Mike leads a team committed to providing innovative and comprehensive healthcare solutions. 

His approach is particularly suited for patients who feel their options have been exhausted by traditional medical avenues. A loving father of four, Dr. Mike is deeply passionate about restoring hope and vitality to those he serves, aiming to ensure each patient leads a happier and healthier life.

Chiropractor Escondido CA Jason Kart

Director of Chiropractic

Dr. Jason Kart, D.C.

Dr. Jason Kart is a seasoned chiropractor with three decades of private practice experience, and a former esteemed position of Dean of Education at California College, San Diego. He has dedicated his career to providing relief to individuals suffering from a wide range of ailments, including neuropathy, back and neck pain,  headaches, sciatica, sports injuries, and arthritis pain.

His patient base is diverse, extending from professional athletes to those dealing with chronic pain. His approach is rooted in identifying and addressing the underlying neuromuscular imbalances and improper biomechanics that often cause these conditions.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science from the University of the State of New York, Dr. Kart pursued his passion for chiropractic medicine, earning his Doctorate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1995.

Dr. Kart’s interest in holistic studies concerning the human body informs his practice. Beyond traditional chiropractic methods, he employs non-invasive techniques and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to optimize patient outcomes. Each patient receives a personalized care plan, meticulously designed to provide the best possible path to healing. Dr. Kart’s credentials include certification as a Performance for Life Practitioner, American Posture Institute, Brain-based Neurology, and a Master in B.E.S.T. Technique. He has also pursued post-graduate studies in nutrition, functional medicine, and preventative medicine.

Committed to community service, Dr. Kart has collaborated with Stand Down, an organization dedicated to providing treatment to homeless veterans. A native of Westbury, New York, Dr. Kart relocated to the scenic city of San Diego over eighteen years ago. He shares his life with his wife, Sonia, and their five children.

Chiropractic Escondido CA Tiffany Mizuno

Health Coach

Tiffany Mizuno

Tiffany is a dedicated Health Coach, loving mom, avid athlete and outrigger paddler with a passion for Holistic Health and Wellness. Tiffany's commitment to living a vibrant and balanced life is evident in her dedication to her own health journey and her unwavering belief in the transformative power of Functional Medicine. She will be attending Sonoran University in Fall 2024 to pursue her Masters in Clinical Nutrition.

Chiropractic Escondido CA Josh Ferrer

Case Manager

Josh Ferrer

Josh has nearly a decade of experience in sports rehabilitation and Specialty Chiropractic Care (CBP). His extensive background and passion for helping athletes recover and achieve their best performance have made him a sought-after expert in the industry. Josh's dedication to his craft is matched only by his genuine love for people, which shines through in his compassionate and personalized approach to rehabilitation.

Born as one of eight siblings, Josh learned the value of teamwork, resilience, and support from an early age. This upbringing instilled in him a deep understanding of the importance of community and collaboration, principles that he integrates into his professional practice every day.

Josh is a dedicated individual who spends his time outside the office engaging in meaningful and exciting activities. As a passionate veteran helper, Josh devotes significant effort to supporting and assisting veterans in their transition to civilian life. He is also a competitive pool player, showcasing his skills and strategic thinking in local and regional tournaments. Josh's commitment to both his community and his sport highlights his multifaceted nature and drive for excellence.

Chiropractic Escondido CA Desiree Villaneuva

Office Manager

Desiree Villanueva

Desiree, our Office Manager at Synergy Integrated Health, brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for patient care to her role. Having joined the Synergy Health family in 2016 as an X-ray Technician, Desiree has seamlessly transitioned into embodying the indispensable "magic behind the scenes." Her commitment to ensuring both patient well-being and office operations run seamlessly, is unmatched.

With a warm heart and an infectious smile, Desiree goes the extra mile to ensure each client receives the highest standard of care at our office. We are confident that Desiree's professionalism, compassion, and tireless work ethic will make your experience at Synergy Integrated Health truly exceptional.

Chiropractic Escondido CA Silvia Castillo

Assistant Manager

Silvia Castillo

Silvia is a compassionate and detail-oriented office assistant manager with a diverse background in collections, dermatology billing, and medical administration. Her experience in collections taught her the importance of empathy and understanding when helping individuals set up payment plans to manage their debt. 

Transitioning to dermatology billing, she continued her commitment to assisting others by ensuring accurate billing processes and helping patients navigate their insurance coverage. Her education at PIMA and certification as a Medical Administrative Assistant further solidify her dedication to supporting others in healthcare settings. Silvia's varied experiences have instilled in her a passion for helping people navigate complex administrative processes with patience and care.


Chiropractic Escondido CA Crystal Zepeda Client Success Specialist

Client Success Specialist

Crystal Zepeda

Crystal is a passionate professional at Synergy Health. Her roles at Synergy are Client Success Specialist while nurturing aspirations to become a Health Coach. Crystal brings a unique perspective to her work, driven by passion for holistic well-being. Advocating for personal growth across physical, mental, and emotional realms. Crystal also aims to inspire others to embrace their fullest potential, igniting transformational journeys wherever they go.

Chiropractic Escondido CA Arlene Gil

New Patient Coordinator

Arlene Gil

Arlene is our dynamic Marketing Assistant and New Patient Coordinator at Synergy Integrated Health. With a diverse background as a dancer and athlete, Arlene brings a unique perspective to her role, blending her passion for movement with her dedication to health, nutrition, and wellness.

Her journey began with a dual degree in Architecture and Theatre, where she discovered her knack for storytelling, laying the foundation for her transition into the world of marketing. Arlene approaches her work with an innovative spirit, constantly seeking new ways to engage and connect with patients. Whether she's coordinating new patient appointments or brainstorming creative marketing strategies, Arlene's passion for empowering others to live their healthiest lives fuels her every endeavor.

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